Tuesday, 14 January 2014

How To Write Killer Articles For Get a Lot Of Visitors And Increase Website Traffic

A killer article is nothing more than a post that
packs a huge amount of value for potential
visitors. Once you publish a killer article, you want
people who will come across it to have the following
“Wow! This is awesome. I 'd better bookmark this
article. Heck, I'd better even Tweet and blog about it
to let my friends and readers know about it too.”
Killer articles are usually long and structured posts,
but that is not necessarily the case. Suppose you
have a personal finance blog and you discover a
trick that will help people save a lot of money with

their phone bills. Writing about this trick, even if
with a few words, would be a killer article, because it
would be incredibly valuable for potential visitors.
Killer articles should be the cornerstone of your
content development strategy. Why? Because they
generate traffic, attract backlinks and establish your
authority inside your niche.
Here are some types of killer articles that you can
use in your blog:
Lists (Example: 43 Web Design Mistakes You
Should Avoid)
Resources (Example: 35 Incredible Free Icon
In-depth analysis (Example: A Guide to
Semantic Technologies)
How-to articles (Example: How to Copy a DVD
With VLC 1.0)

Elaborated interviews (Example: Five Link
Development Experts: A Group Interview)

Breaking news (Example: Amazon Buys

Rankings (Example: NxE's 50 Most Influential
Most killer articles will take a lot of time and effort,
but the results are worth it. In other words, don't be
afraid to put hours of work into brainstorming,
researching, writing and formatting your killer
Finally, aim to publish your killer articles with a
regular frequency. One killer article per week is
ideal. If you don't have enough time for that, aim for
one every two weeks or one every month at least.


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