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How To Make Logo in Blog And Use Blog Priorities?

The Logo :-

When you get some money available to invest in
your blog, spend it on a logo. Why? Because a logo

can be attached to any template or design, and it
will give a unique look to your blog and
reinforce your brand.
By far the best website to purchase a logo from is


You basically create a contest for your logo,
specifying a prize, and their community of designers
will submit entries. You will be able to interact with
the designers, and after one week or so you will
choose the winning entry. I have seen awesome
logos being submitted for prizes as low as $150
(which is the minimum amount).

Priorities : -
There are literally hundreds of things that you could
want visitors of your blog to do. Examples include:
 read at least one post,
 read as many posts as possible,
 read your most popular posts,

 subscribe to the RSS feed,
 subscribe to the email newsletter,
 click on affiliate links and make a purchase,
 click on ads,
 submit a post to a social bookmarking site,
 check your profile on social networks,
 check the blogs on your Blogroll,
 leave a comment,
 bookmark your website on the browser,
 email one of your posts to a friend,
 download your ebook, and
 purchase your product.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to design a blog in a
way that all of those things will be encouraged.
Some people try, but the result is a lot of clutter that
only confuses visitors, creating a terrible user

This means that you will need to prioritize. I
recommend that you write down five top priorities,
and then design the elements of your blog around
these priorities.
Whatever does not support the priorities should be
removed, or at least moved to a place where it won't
get in the way of the user experience (e.g., the
Obviously the number five is just a rule of thumb, so
feel free to change it. The key message is: the
fewer things you “ask” your visitors to do, the
higher the chances that they will actually do

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How To Make Money From Adsense, Affiliate, Blackhat, Online Marketing, Social Networking..


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How To Used Wordpress Theme in Website and Free Resources

If you are just starting out, there is no need to spend
money on your design. WordPress users have a wide
range of free and beautiful themes to choose from.
Your first destination should be the official Themes
Directory. On top of that you also have many sites
and blogs that compile lists with the best themes

around. Here are some of them:
 83 Beautiful WordPress Themes
 100 Best WordPress Themes
 Top 50 Free WordPress Themes
 45 Must See WordPress Themes
 45 Free Premium WordPress Themes
WordPress themes are also very easy to customize,
making it possible to add a unique touch to your site
even if you are using a free theme.


I also recommend that you learn the basics of HTML
and CSS, as this will be useful for the rest of your
“online career.” The w3Schools.com website has a
structured lesson plan for both of these topics.
Another site that has an excellent teaching material
for web design is HTML.net.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

There Is an Ideal Posting Frequency?

When people start blogging, they often wonder if
there is an ideal posting frequency. The answer is
“no.” There are popular blogs out there where the
author only posts once a week, while others get
updated several times per day.


If you need to choose between quality and quantity,
therefore, go with quality. In other words, only
publish a post if you believe that it will add value to
your blog and audience. A bad post is worse than
no post at all, because it might damage the image
of your blog and make you lose readers.
That being said, if you want to make significant
money with your blog, you will need to have both
quality and quantity. It is no coincidence that
most blogs on the Technorati Top 100 list publish
new content every day.


If you can't publish daily posts, at least make sure
that you have a regular schedule. For example, post
two times per week and stick with it.
It would also be a good idea if you could post on the
same days every week, and even at the same hour
of the day. This regularity would give your readers
the confidence that they will always find some fresh
content on your blog.

How To Get a Lot of Content Ideas to Some Places For New Post

Sooner or later most bloggers struggle to come up
with ideas for new posts. The first step to combat
this problem is to develop the habit of writing
your ideas down. Whenever you come across
something that could lead to a blog post, write it
down. Use pen and paper, a white-board, or even a
text processor in your computer. Just make sure to
have a place where you can store and organize your


 Another tactic that you could use is to leave many
post drafts ready to go. Once you are sure that
one of your ideas could indeed be a good post, go to
your blogging software and write the draft for that
post. Include the headline as well as the main
points. Then whenever you feel like writing on that
topic, open the draft and finish it.
If despite using the methods above you are still
lacking ideas for new posts, here are some tricks
that you can use. The first one is the Google
AdWords Keyword Tool. Simply go there and input
some keywords related to your niche. If you have a
video game blog, for instance, run the tool for
keywords like “video games”, “playstation”, “xbox”
and the like. After that you will just need to check
the long tail of results to identify topics that you
could write about.
You can also use social bookmarking sites to find
what is hot around the web and get ideas for new
posts. Here is list with some popular ones that you c
an use:
 Digg.com
 StumbleUpon.com
 Delicious.com
Finally, take a look on external places and try to
identify ideas that could be adapted inside your own
niche. This include mainstream websites, blogs on
other niches, newspapers, print magazines,
television programs and the like.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

How to Make a Normal Post and How to Write an Normal Post In Blog

While killer articles are paramount to attracting new
visitors and establishing the authority of your blog
(in the eyes of both people and search engines),
normal posts are the ones that will build a
community around the blog, because they allow
you to talk directly with the readers and to engage
Moreover, normal posts will make the content flow
more smoothly in your blog. Publishing killer articles
every day would consume a huge amount of time,
and even if you could do that you would probably be
overloading your readers with more information that
they could absorb.
Here are some types of normal posts that you can
use in your blog:
 Quick tips (Example: The Power of Analogy)
 Questions to the readers (Example: What Are
Your Top 3 Life Goals?


 Opinion pieces (Example: Malcolm is Wrong)
 Polls (Example: How Long Have You Been
 Quick links (Example: 8 Tips for Aspiring
 Events (Example: Win Tickets to Social Media
Success Summit 2009)
 Blog updates (Example: New Design and New
Features on Shomeoney.com)
1.4 Headlines
Most copywriters defend that you need to spend as
much time working on the headline as you do on the
rest of the copy. This principle applies to blogs too,
where you need to make sure that your post titles
are as good as they can be.
Why is the headline so important? Because it is the
first thing a person sees, and unless you craft it
smartly, it will also be the last one.
The headline, in fact, will affect both the people who
are about to visit your blog and the ones who are
already visiting it. Suppose that one of your posts
was submitted to Digg.com, a social bookmarking
site. If it has a poor title, people will not click on the
link to visit your blog (let alone vote on it). Similarly,
even if someone is already inside your blog, he
might decide to leave if the titles of your posts don't
grab his attention and encourage him to read the 

rest of those articles.


A good headline has two main factors. First of all
its wording is aligned with the mindset of
target visitors. This is important because it will
communicate to web users that your content
matches exactly what they are looking for.
If you want to discover how your target visitors word
their needs and wants, use the Google AdWords
Keyword Tool. It is a free service, and once you input
a certain keyword, it will create a list with 150
related terms, including their respective search
volume in the Google search engine.
Suppose that you just wrote a killer article with 20
tips to clean a house efficiently. Your first idea for a
title is “20 Tips to Clean Your House.” Upon using
the AdWords Keyword Tool, however, you would
discover that “tips to clean house” is a term
searched only 28 times per month. A much more
popular term is “house cleaning tips,” searched
4,400 times per month. So you would probably get
better results with the title “20 House Cleaning
The second factor that makes a good headline
is an emotional hook. The headline should be
crafted in a way that will trigger a certain emotion in
the reader, encouraging him to click on the link (in
the case of someone outside your blog) or proceed
to read the rest of the article (in the case of
someone already inside your blog).
Here are some examples of headlines that work:
 24 Car Chases That Will Give You Skid Marks
 Do You Make These 7 Mistakes When You Write?
 How To: Backup And Search All Your Friends'
Tweets In Google Reader
 5 Incredibly Impractical Sexual Fetishes
 What Does the NFL Have in Common With
Iran's Clerics?
 Quick Way to Make Real 3D Image Flipping
 75 (Really) Useful JavaScript Techniques
 Do You Know the Japanese Food Secrets for
Beautiful Skin?
 Top 10 Most Ridiculous Band Names in Rock
 Warning: People are Ignoring Advertising. But
They do Read News.
 17 Images You Won't Believe Aren't
 What You Should Know About Home Equity
Lines of Credit
 The 9 Most Badass Bible Verses
 39 Creative Flash Designs

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