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How to Make a Normal Post and How to Write an Normal Post In Blog

While killer articles are paramount to attracting new
visitors and establishing the authority of your blog
(in the eyes of both people and search engines),
normal posts are the ones that will build a
community around the blog, because they allow
you to talk directly with the readers and to engage
Moreover, normal posts will make the content flow
more smoothly in your blog. Publishing killer articles
every day would consume a huge amount of time,
and even if you could do that you would probably be
overloading your readers with more information that
they could absorb.
Here are some types of normal posts that you can
use in your blog:
 Quick tips (Example: The Power of Analogy)
 Questions to the readers (Example: What Are
Your Top 3 Life Goals?


 Opinion pieces (Example: Malcolm is Wrong)
 Polls (Example: How Long Have You Been
 Quick links (Example: 8 Tips for Aspiring
 Events (Example: Win Tickets to Social Media
Success Summit 2009)
 Blog updates (Example: New Design and New
Features on
1.4 Headlines
Most copywriters defend that you need to spend as
much time working on the headline as you do on the
rest of the copy. This principle applies to blogs too,
where you need to make sure that your post titles
are as good as they can be.
Why is the headline so important? Because it is the
first thing a person sees, and unless you craft it
smartly, it will also be the last one.
The headline, in fact, will affect both the people who
are about to visit your blog and the ones who are
already visiting it. Suppose that one of your posts
was submitted to, a social bookmarking
site. If it has a poor title, people will not click on the
link to visit your blog (let alone vote on it). Similarly,
even if someone is already inside your blog, he
might decide to leave if the titles of your posts don't
grab his attention and encourage him to read the 

rest of those articles.


A good headline has two main factors. First of all
its wording is aligned with the mindset of
target visitors. This is important because it will
communicate to web users that your content
matches exactly what they are looking for.
If you want to discover how your target visitors word
their needs and wants, use the Google AdWords
Keyword Tool. It is a free service, and once you input
a certain keyword, it will create a list with 150
related terms, including their respective search
volume in the Google search engine.
Suppose that you just wrote a killer article with 20
tips to clean a house efficiently. Your first idea for a
title is “20 Tips to Clean Your House.” Upon using
the AdWords Keyword Tool, however, you would
discover that “tips to clean house” is a term
searched only 28 times per month. A much more
popular term is “house cleaning tips,” searched
4,400 times per month. So you would probably get
better results with the title “20 House Cleaning
The second factor that makes a good headline
is an emotional hook. The headline should be
crafted in a way that will trigger a certain emotion in
the reader, encouraging him to click on the link (in
the case of someone outside your blog) or proceed
to read the rest of the article (in the case of
someone already inside your blog).
Here are some examples of headlines that work:
 24 Car Chases That Will Give You Skid Marks
 Do You Make These 7 Mistakes When You Write?
 How To: Backup And Search All Your Friends'
Tweets In Google Reader
 5 Incredibly Impractical Sexual Fetishes
 What Does the NFL Have in Common With
Iran's Clerics?
 Quick Way to Make Real 3D Image Flipping
 75 (Really) Useful JavaScript Techniques
 Do You Know the Japanese Food Secrets for
Beautiful Skin?
 Top 10 Most Ridiculous Band Names in Rock
 Warning: People are Ignoring Advertising. But
They do Read News.
 17 Images You Won't Believe Aren't
 What You Should Know About Home Equity
Lines of Credit
 The 9 Most Badass Bible Verses
 39 Creative Flash Designs


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