Monday, 13 January 2014

What Should I Blog About For Make Money

Choosing the right niche for your blog is tricky. If you
want to blog merely as a hobby, then feel free to
write about whatever you want. The important thing
here is to have fun.
If, however, you want to make money with your blog
and possibly grow it into a business, you will need to
choose your niche more carefully.
The first mistake to avoid is making the blog
gravitate around your person. This includes
using a domain with your name and surname and
writing excessively about personal matters. This has
worked for some people, but most of them already
had some notoriety before they started blogging.
Don't get me wrong. Putting yourself in your blog
and sharing your related experiences with the
audience is perfectly fine, but your site should have
a topic on its own, say small business or Microsoft
Windows, as opposed to being a personal blog. 

The second mistake is trying to cover too
many topics with the same blog. You probably
have many interests and passions, but you need to
choose one of them for your blog. If you write about
technology, politics and fitness, you will have a hard
time developing a core audience. The sharper the
focus of your blog, the easier it will be to attract
readers and to monetize it.
The third mistake is choosing a niche that you
are not passionate or knowledgeable about.
This usually happens when people see someone
making good money in a certain niche, and they
decide to imitate it. As I mentioned before, making
money blogging will take time and hard work. If you
don't love what you are writing about, you won't
have the motivation to stick with it long enough.
Finally, try to focus on just one blog instead of
creating a myriad of them. It is easier to make
money with one authoritative blog than with a
bunch of mediocre ones.


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