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How to Use Bookmarking Websites and Social Networking Website For Increase Site Traffic

Social bookmarking sites allow users to store and

share bookmarks of pages from around the web.
Most of them use a ranking system to determine
what bookmarks and submissions are popular
among the community, and usually those get
displayed on the front page.
One of the most popular social bookmarking sites is
If one of your blog posts gets featured on the Digg
homepage you can expect to receive anywhere from
20,000 up to 100,000 visitors in a matter of 24
hours. The drawback of Digg is the fact that it is
hard to get promoted to the front page, as there is a
lot of competition from larger websites. is another large social
bookmarking site, and it works around a toolbar that
users must install on their browsers.
The advantage of StumbleUpon over Digg is the fact
even a small number of votes can bring some traffic
to your site, and that traffic can last several days.
Other social bookmarking sites that you could try

The important thing is to dedicate some time
to using those sites and trying to understand
the tacit rules around them. Analyze what kind
of content gets promoted to the front page, how the
headlines are crafted, what kind of comments the
users leave and so on.
4.5 Social Networks

Social networks are useful marketing tools because

they allow you to interact with your existing
audience on different channels and because they
can also be leveraged to attract new visitors.
The first network that you should use is 
Twitter -

given its exponential growth on the web.
You could create an account with the name of your
blog and use it to share posts from your blog and
relevant links from around the web. Your goal is to
create value through your tweets while interacting
with as many people as possible.
Facebook is another popular social network you
should try.
Create a personal profile for yourself there, and then
a page for your blog. Make sure to explore the other
features as well, including the ability to post
pictures, videos, articles, and to interact with
Finally, consider using niche social networks as well.
They will probably be smaller and have less traffic
generation potential, but you will be able to find a
very targeted audience on them. Here is a list that
you can use with over 400 niche social networks.
4.6 Promoting Killer Articles
Your promotional activities should focus on two
points: promoting your blog as a whole (i.e., by
leaving comments on related blogs) and promoting
your killer articles.
In the first chapter of this ebook I already covered
the concept of killer articles, but here are some
tactics that you can use to promote those articles
after you hit the “Publish” button:
 Email all the people in your network to let them
know about the article.
 Email the owners of blogs and websites in
relevant niches and let them know about the
 Ask a friend to submit the article to a suitable

social bookmarking site.
 Give the submission an initial push by asking
other friends and contacts to vote on it.

Mention the article and link to it from your
social networking accounts.

Link to the article from other blogs and
websites that you might own.

If the article has a good chance of ranking high
for a keyword, do some linkbuilding focused on
that keyword.


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