Wednesday, 22 January 2014

How To Make Logo in Blog And Use Blog Priorities?

The Logo :-

When you get some money available to invest in
your blog, spend it on a logo. Why? Because a logo

can be attached to any template or design, and it
will give a unique look to your blog and
reinforce your brand.
By far the best website to purchase a logo from is


You basically create a contest for your logo,
specifying a prize, and their community of designers
will submit entries. You will be able to interact with
the designers, and after one week or so you will
choose the winning entry. I have seen awesome
logos being submitted for prizes as low as $150
(which is the minimum amount).

Priorities : -
There are literally hundreds of things that you could
want visitors of your blog to do. Examples include:
 read at least one post,
 read as many posts as possible,
 read your most popular posts,

 subscribe to the RSS feed,
 subscribe to the email newsletter,
 click on affiliate links and make a purchase,
 click on ads,
 submit a post to a social bookmarking site,
 check your profile on social networks,
 check the blogs on your Blogroll,
 leave a comment,
 bookmark your website on the browser,
 email one of your posts to a friend,
 download your ebook, and
 purchase your product.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to design a blog in a
way that all of those things will be encouraged.
Some people try, but the result is a lot of clutter that
only confuses visitors, creating a terrible user

This means that you will need to prioritize. I
recommend that you write down five top priorities,
and then design the elements of your blog around
these priorities.
Whatever does not support the priorities should be
removed, or at least moved to a place where it won't
get in the way of the user experience (e.g., the
Obviously the number five is just a rule of thumb, so
feel free to change it. The key message is: the
fewer things you “ask” your visitors to do, the
higher the chances that they will actually do


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