Monday, 13 January 2014

Do I Need a Domain and Hosting?

It is fine to get started on a hosted solution like or They will allow you
to learn the basics of blogging and web publishing

without spending money. As soon as you nail down
these basics, however, it is vital to buy your own
domain name and to purchase a web hosting
package with some company.
Why? There are several reasons. First of all when
you use those hosted services you don't really own
your website, and they could shut it down if they
believe you have violated one of their policies.
Secondly, with your own domain and hosting

account you will have more flexibility and features
on the technology side. This means that you will be
able to choose different content management
systems to install, special scripts and so on.

Finally, having your own domain name will add a lot
of credibility to your blog, as most beginners (and
spammers) use free hosted solutions.
The question then becomes: What kind of domain
name and hosting should you purchase?
Here is a rule of thumb you can use. For the domain
name, aim for something with two words and a
.com extension. If you have a blog about diets, for
example, you could try or
But be warned, finding a good and available domain
is not easy, and you will probably need to spend
days on the task.

For the web hosting, choose a shared hosting plan
based on Linux (as opposed to Windows), and make
sure that it uses cPanel (the standard software for
hosting management). If you don't know how to
identify these two things, just email the customer
support of the company asking whether or not they
have it...


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